Friday, 9 November 2007

Deal Or No Deal aka Noel Edmonds' Cosmic Ordering Recruitment Video

Noel; the letcherous face of evil!!!

Was watching the evil Noel Edmonds whilst writing my Shins review and it put me off my writing. Not due to any entertainment value, but because of the downright creepiness of the whole ghastly spectacle. The weird closeness of the contestants, lecherous uncle Noel perving over the younger women and the overall feeling you're watching the televisual equivalent of a religious sect's recruitment pamphlet. It's all vague notions of 'positivity' and crying, lots and lots of crying. You get the feeling the commercial breaks are spent pummeling the contestants into submission and making them peel onions. Far from being harmless viewing for the residents of hell's waiting room, it's 70's game show humour injected with that extra bit of PURE EVIL! At one point Noel refers to a female contestants breasts as been 'magnificent', she responds by giggling and acting coy. She should've punched him in his rotting face.

Deal Or No Deal is backward, cheap and downright weird. Please don't watch it, even for kitch value, it'll turn you into one of Noel's unholy army of the night! Edmonds calls it the 'Dream Factory',in reality it's the 'Theatre Of Nightmares', the graveyard of working class dreams and the general public's inflated sense of importance and notions of fame.

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